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5 Ways To Spend Your Extra Income & 15 Reasons To Analyse Your Web Server Logs
Selling online means that you rarely, if ever, meet the majority of your customers face to face. So the only way to know how well your website is working is through your web server logs. There’s no shortage of software out there to make the job easy for you, and even the most basic of tools should give you some level of insight into what your visitors are doing. Which pages they spend time on, which pages act as exits, where your quality traffic is coming from and more.

Measuring For Success
Detailed and thorough analysis of your server log files is critical. This article looks at the eight main reasons for setting aside time for this task, what tools are required in order to do so, and what to do if your web host can’t provide you with access.

Measuring For Success Part Ii
Part two of the web log analysis series looks at some of the issues that may hinder your analysis, and what exactly you should be looking for when poring through the facts and figures.

Websites That Sell – Eswc 2006 Summary
In this article, Dave Collins will be looking at some of the common mistakes that websites make. Learn from the mistakes of others!

The Importance Of Log Analysis
Without a detailed and careful analysis of their web logs, a company will be more or less blind and oblivious to any number of threats and opportunities. In this article Dave Collins discusses all aspects of Log Analysis; which software should you use, what type of information you should focus on and more.

5 Totally Free Website Marketing Tools
Free tools to help market your website, including everything from keeping track of your Google ranking to an online internet marketing course.

Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make When You Write A Press Release
Avoid making the most common mistakes when creating and sending a press release. Tips such as timing, presentation, and length are discussed in the article.

Stop Trying To Sell. Start Selling.
The first in a series of three articles covering every aspect of the process of selling. This one deals with different types of salespeople and customers, and the roles that they play.

Stop Trying To Sell. Start Selling. Part Two.
The second in a series of three, this article focuses on the needs of the customer, how to cater for them, and how to present your product as the solution they’re looking for.

Stop Trying To Sell. Start Selling. Part Three.
The third and final part of the sales trilogy pushes the theory and abstract aside, and ties everything together into a practical, real-world package.

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Web?
It may seem incredible to some of you, but there are still a lot of people out there who are very worried about buying software online. They are concerned about credit card fraud and identity theft, and would much rather pop down to the local shop for an boxed set of what may be low-quality software. But these are people who might be interested in your software – and who can afford it. So what can you do to help them along?

Seize The Internet
This article teaches you to take advantage of the many unique opportunities that the internet provides. There are countless ways for the software developer to ensure that his product is seen by as many people as possible – without being accused of spamming. Read how you can use newsgroups, discussion lists and much more to improve the way you’re doing business online.

Episode IV – A New Hope
A look at the internet around the end of the last millennium and the many problems that still need to be solved. There are masses of information out there – why is it so difficult to take advantage of it? What lies in the future for the internet – will it go on improving or will it cease to exist?

Your Site – Why, What, Where And How
An in-depth article on all the things you need to consider when you set up your website. Plan the structure, content and navigation carefully, or you’ll be in trouble as your site begins to grow. Choosing a good web host is also critical – we tell you what to look for and what to avoid. Finally, we talk about browsers, and why it is vital to remember that not all your potential customers are running the latest version of IE.

Information – The Art Of Selling
Why is information a great tool when you’re trying to sell your software? Find out in this article – we will show you how to improve your signature, your FAQ page and your help file in order to impress potential customers. Don’t overlook all the great opportunities that exist, but take advantage of the age of information in a way that is bound to make a difference to your business.

The Flower Website Model
Is your website like a garden? Does it buzz with activity and new life? If the answer is no, you need to read this article. We show you how to make your website more attractive, memorable and easy to get around. If you want your customers to return, you must think of them as bees to your irresistible internet flower. Look at it from their point of view – will they really come back to a stale, overgrown place that is full of dead leaves? We don’t think so.

Choosing Which Sites To Submit To
There are plenty of sites out there that are willing to list your software, but you probably don’t have time to submit to all of them. How do you choose? This article helps you find the sites that are right for your software, and what you can expect once it is actually listed.

Incite To Sell
The web has no high street, but countless places to hang your signs. Read this article and find out what you can do to help your business whilst idly surfing the net. Whether you use your time to check out the competition or to set up some banner adverts, we assure you that there are plenty of simple ways to benefit from being a web-based business.

After The Download – Securing The Sale
Downloads are one thing, but how many of them actually lead to a sale? Not many. By making some changes in your help file and checking that you’re not just stuck in old habits, you can improve your business. Read our article, and make your business more about sales than about lost opportunities.

New Medium, New Rules
The internet is not just simply another medium, one step up from a newspaper. Different rules apply, and if you don’t adapt chances are your product will soon be a thing of the past. This article shows you how to increase the chances that a visitor to your site won’t immediately surf away to another, more fascinating environment, but stays around and discovers your product.

Website Strategies That Work 
How to ensure your website works for you, not against you. Learn about the golden rule of NAPA – the key to a good website truly lies in navigation, appearance, presentation and accessibility! This article can help you turn your website into a truly efficient marketing tool, and covers many of the basic do’s and don’t’s of website design.