Business articles

The articles listed below deal with general business matters that are relevant to software developers. They include information on the specifics of running a business online and dealing with international customers.

Recession – Threat Or Opportunity?
Even the most fervent of optimists now have to accept the reality: that irrespective of how precisely to define a recession, we’re either in one or about to be. Here in the UK we’re officially in recession, and there’s even been talk of a depression. The news and media are full of gloomy forecasts and dire predictions, but for once, they are mostly in agreement: The economic situation is bad, and it’s going to get a lot worse before we can even begin hoping for some sort of recovery.

Customer Defence System
The Customer Defence System is used by many, yet put into words by none. The Customer Defence System is unique. No-one consciously aspires to apply such a system, yet most companies are to some extent doing so. Get it right and you’ll be able to slash your sales in no time at all.

Three Different Ways To Success
A joint interview with three very different software companies that we’ve worked with. Each sell their software to very different markets. The only thing that they have in common is that they have worked with our company for many years, and that all three are extremely successful.

What Is Copywriting?
Website copywriting is about writing persuasive and promotional text that convinces visitors that your product can solve a problem they have. Really good copywriting will even convince them that they have a problem without having previously been aware of it.

Interview With Sharon Housley
Sharon Housley is a well known marketing expert in the software industry. She’s not only the marketing brains behind the successful NotePage, Inc. company but manages and maintains countless other websites such as FeedForAll and the SoftwareMarketingResource. Dave Collins recently interviewed her about working in the software industry.

Making Cultural Differences Work In Your Business
Having an internet-based business means that you may not only be selling within your country, but quite possibly with the rest of the world. This article will show you how to work cultural differences to your favour.

Lessons From The Masters – Getting It Right. 
I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the different ideas, strategies and personalities of more than three hundred software companies. I’ve witnessed an astonishing mix of products, features and marketing methods – some of which have worked better than others. Learn what sets successful software authors apart!

Pricing Software Correctly: Why So Many Get It Wrong
In spite of the fact that price is one of the most important factors where the marketing of a product is concerned, it is also one of the least understood. Many seem quite content to bluff their way through, giving little or no thought to the implications that a price tag can carry. As a result, many software developers make the same mistake: they sell their product for far too little.

Who Wants To Live Forever?
This article discusses the concept of the product life cycle. What to expect once your product has been released, during the growth stage and the maturity stage. Finally, it discusses decline of sales, and what you can do to prevent your product from dying.

Swotting For Success
The SWOT analysis is a quick and basic analytical concept to help you take a step back from your business.

Disaster Proof Your Business
Your business might be doing well, but are you prepared for the worst case scenarios? What would happen if you fell ill, your computer broke down, or your hard drive died? Be prepared.

New Year, New Opportunities
The end of the year is a good time to look back and be honest with yourself. What positive things did you achieve with your business? What could have been better? By making a simple list it will be easier for you to recognize what your future goals ought to be, and how you can go ahead and achieve them.

From Birth To Death 
Another article on the product life cycle, this one shows you how to get the most out of your product during each of the four stages.

A World Outside The Us 
Many software authors are guilty of forgetting that there is a world beyond the US borders, and that the people who live there might be interested in their products. Can your business cater to foreign demand, or do you even know what matters need to be taken into account?