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In the articles listed below you can read all about search engines and how to make sure your website can be found – whether through adwords or organic search.

Is Google Finally Facing A Threat?
Twitter, Bing, the increased use of mobile phone browsing, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and more have all been hailed as a serious threat to Google. Yet to date, none of them have given Google anything to worry about. Nevertheless, I believe that Google are only now facing a threat to their existence.

Getting To Grips With AdWords Quality Score
Most people working with Google AdWords have heard of quality score, yet few really understand what it is, how it works and how to work with it. Contrary to what you may think, quality score is a simple concept, of only reasonable importance, and to some extent can be controlled and worked to your advantage.

AdWords Arithmetic: 4=1, 3=1, 3=2
Google are redefining basic mathematics within the AdWords system. Four can equal one, two can equal five, and three can equal one, two or three. Understanding the information presented “as is” within your AdWords account is of vital importance. This article clarifies how the average position may not be as it appears.

Click Fraud; Balancing Between Over-Reaction And Oblivion.
A few years ago, Click Fraud was little more than speculation among the more paranoid tech people. Today it is a well known problem, widely covered by the BBC, BusinessWeek, The Washington Post and many more non-technical and (usually) non-paranoid publications.

What Price Google Analytics?
In an age where information is a commodity, personal data, preferences, habits, politics, tastes and more have value. And there are companies out there who are willing to pay for this information.
So why do so many people lose sight of this when it comes to Google Analytics?

Google AdWords Q & A 
Two qualified Google AdWords Professionals answer a variety of questions on organic listings vs. PPC, choosing which ads to keep and delete, how to optimise your account, quality score, click fraud and more.

Google AdWords: Making It Work For You – Eswc 2006 Summary
This article is a summary of the presentation that Dave Collins gave at the European Shareware Conference 2006 on Google AdWords.

Search Engine Optimisation/Optimization. Separation Of Myths From Facts 
Search engine optimisation is like a red blanket on forums, newsgroups and blogs across the web. Wave it around, and you’ll have masses of bull-headed participants charging at you from all corners. Everyone thinks that they, and only they, know the truth, and they’re extremely eager to tell you what you’re doing wrong and what you should be doing instead. Most of them are wrong. I’m right.

Understanding Google’s AdWords
Is it possible to lose money from Google AdWords? It’s actually very easy to do so. In this article, Dave Collins will explain how to make sure that you get the best possible return from your Google AdWords campaigns.

Introducing Page Rank – Shattering The Myth
Everyone is obsessing about PageRank these days. But exactly what is it – and how much does it matter? Discover the PageRank formula and what kind of websites can hope to achieve PRs around 9 and 10 (probably not yours!).

The Search To Be Found
This article is an introduction to some of the basic rules of search engines, and explains what you can do to make sure that your software is listed in the right places. Discover the utter simplicity of ‘Dave’s rule’, and prepare to do some real work with those META tags to ensure that they help you along to increased software sales.

Tricks And Resources
In this article we break ‘Dave’s rule’ and discuss techniques, strategies and ‘tricks’ that really work. We remind you why it’s worthwhile to be truthful and relevant, and bring up some of the ways that you can sprinkle good keywords throughout the page. Make your pages as search engine friendly as possible, and you will be sure to see the results.

Doorways, Hallways, Robots & Resources
This article explains what doorway and hallways pages are, and how you could benefit from using them. Furthermore, it discusses the mysterious robots.txt files and how you can use them on your site to keep some pages away from the public eye. It also brings up frames and the problems they tend to cause in the search engines, and what you can do if you still can’t bear the thought of getting rid of them.

Submitting To The Search Engines
An article on search engine submission which no longer is up to date, but may be of interest for historical reasons! Discover how quickly things can change on the web, and take a nostalgic tour of yesteryear on the search engines.

Seek And Ye Shall Be Found
In this article we break down some of the myths about search engines, and answer some of the most common questions that people tend to ask. We discuss meta tags and frames, and why tables can be a bad idea if you want to do well on the search engines. We also bring up keyword spamming and why it’s not worth doing, and how often you should be submitting if you want to do well.

Step By Step Doorways
A no-nonsense introduction to doorways which describes how to put them together and make them work well. Once you have a good title, a description, some keywords and some good content you are almost there. Read our article and discover why it’s important to use common sense and make sure your code isn’t messy – then you’ll be able to create your own doorway pages without problems.

Ten Top Tips For Search Engine Success
Ten very clear and simple ways of increasing your software’s visibility on the search engines. We tell you why it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your logs, and a terrible idea to use Java Script. If you follow our advice, you are almost certain to find yourself quite a bit higher up on those lists than you might have thought possible.